Tired of mundane posters and whiteboards?   Modernize and simplify patient education! 



Now Available on Amazon FireTV!

With a variety of inspiring content channels (akin to Netflix for chiropractors), we bring the science, research, and philosophy of chiropractic care to light where it matters the most...INSIDE YOUR CLINIC! ChiroMedia is a reliable in-house Chiropractic Marketing Program working for you every single patient visit to boost your patient compliance, conversion to care programs, internal referrals and to build your practice culture and brand!

Our mission is to empower chiropractors with modern technology and proven neuro-visual-communication strategies so that they are more confident, influential and successful in practice. ChiroMedia's digital signage app elevates certainty, professionalism, and patient results using a variety of educational and inspirational media sources which fosters community and collaboration amongst chiropractors worldwide.

Chiropractic is evolving... so should your message!

Clear, concise and consistent visual messaging to communicate the VALUE of your care and build a CULTURE of BELONGING to your clinic.

If you LEAD your patients they will increase their EXPECTATIONS and get MORE RESULTS!


...only found on ChiroMedia

Easy to set up and manage

All you need to get started is to buy and set up a 55" TV or larger and an Amazon FireTV stick in your clinic.  After that just download our app and subscribe online.  You can manage and customize the content on your device from any computer on the internet through your online User Dashboard. ChiroMedia is wireless and requires no extra computers.  Add staff members  to your account to help you manage content, even remotely.  You can be up and running by the end of today!   


Transform your workshops into WOW-shops!  No more wordy PowerPoints or messy, clumsy computer setups running wires all over.  Create a playlist for your presentations or Doctor Reports from any of our content or upload your own. With just a few clicks on the remote you are in the driver seat to present like a pro. Since ChiroMedia doesn't "stream", it works even if your internet goes down, or you can use the OFF-LINE mode for external outreach. ChiroMedia stores all the media you need under ONE hood!

"Big Idea" Content for Patients

Tired of the same old, same old?  Posters from the 80's and static, complex anatomical charts don't persuade or inspire patients.  Our beautiful motion  graphics and videos capture patients attention with simple, impactful imagery, stories and analogies. Move your audience from analytical left brain thinking into right brain emotional, decision and belief making mode. Expand your patients minds from pain relief to lifetime wellness.  This is the sweet spot of influence, conversion and retention!

Private Online Community

..and it's not on Facebook!  Most other patient education systems just deliver their graphics to you as an end-user transaction.  We believe in the power and value of connection and community.  Become part of how we shape the future of ChiroMedia.  Watch on-demand interviews and Masterclasses from some of the best in our profession. Plus our community eludes Facebook censorship, distracting ads and Fake News.  Freedom, focus, growth and connection await you...come join us! 



Now available on Amazon FireTV

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Chiropractic Media Broadcasting in Your Office!  

Content to make your TV screens come alive & your confidence soar!

Online Community & Masterclasses

Connect, Learn & Grow in
our Online Community.
No mainstream censorship! 


You can easily implement ChiroMedia today!


You probably already have one! 

If not, install a large screen TV in the main area of your office that will draw patients focused attention. 

  •  SIZE:  Best is a TV that is 55" or bigger but size recommendations will vary depending on your office space. 
  • LOCATION: Install your TV in your office reception & adjusting areas.  For portability you can also purchase mobile TV stands.  *See note regarding multiple TV setups
  • POWER & INTERNET:  You need an electrical outlet to plug in your Amazon FireTV stick plus access to Internet (wired or Wifi).  Content is not streamed, it's downloaded daily. 


Your can purchase a FireTV stick from Amazon online or at your local electronics store. 

  • ​INSTALL:  Plug the FireTV stick into an HDMI port on the back of your HDTV.  Follow screen prompts to set up FireTV on your Internet. Screen prompts literally walk you through step by step.  No tech experience required!
  • DOWNLOAD APP:  Using the Amazon FireTV remote navigate to the App store and search "ChiroMedia".  Download the App to your FireTV stick.   ​Proceed to Step 3 to subscribe and authorize your ChiroMedia App.


On any computer or laptop* go to https://admin.chiromedia.tv 

  • CREATE ACCOUNT:  After filling out your clinic information you'll get an email to verify your account and a link to setup your unique login & password. 
  • SUBSCRIBE: On a computer, login to your user dashboard and pay for your subscription.  Discounts on multiple device subscriptions up to 40%.   
  • ​CUSTOMIZE:  Upload your clinic logo, enter text for screen ticker and set weather location.   Subscribe to featured Channel Providers.  Select & schedule playlists, upload your own content and create custom playlists.

* Multiple TV setups: Each TV requires its own FireTV stick and individual subscription. We have volume discounts on multiple device subscriptions up to 40%.  Alternative installation is to plug-in a single Amazon FireTV stick to an HDMI splitter and run cables to all TV's.  We do not support 3rd party HDMI splitters but a local IT tech (or tech savvy teenager) can help you do this kind of installation.  
* Computer & laptop compatibility:  Our ChiroMedia User Dashboard is not 100% compatible on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.  For the best user experience for the Device manager and Content Management is best done on desktop or laptop computers.  

EVOLVE and transcend the mundane...

 Whiteboards are for bored-rooms...I mean boardrooms.  Our cutting-edge digital signage app will cause you to transcend the old-school ways of patient education (whiteboards, pamphlets and newsletters). Our app is designed exclusively for trailblazing chiropractors on Amazon FireTV and using powerful imagery that is modern, memorable and meaningful. Our mission is to empower you, not only to keep pace with the modern pulse of patient education and digital dialogue but to seize the reins of your patient's attention and lead the charge to transforming their lives!

More 'EUREKA' moments for patients...

 We serve as the catalyst that ignites the 'EUREKA' moment in your patients, transforming their understanding of chiropractic care that encompasses more than just pain relief. Our App elevates patient conversions, supercharges retention, and explodes referrals – fuelling your practice like never before!

Unshakeable Confidence in Community...

 ChiroMedia is not just about providing you content. 
We provide an Online Community to give you unshakable confidence, certainty and connection. 

Shattering the old standard...

We're not just setting a new standard; we're shattering the old one.

Stop being confined to the old and antiquated "hard bone on a soft nerve" model of chiropractic.
 Embrace the powerful neurological brain-based model that expands possibilities for you and your patients. 

Now more than ever, it's time to rise!

We believe that Chiropractic is poised and ready to be represented on a united, world class level that it deserves.
ChiroMedia is a catalyst to transforming the way we collectively communicate chiropractic across the world and specifically for you in your own clinic and community!

Join us and let's represent the power of chiropractic care at an exhilarating new level together!

patient education & communication is an ever changing landscape...



The Builder...Is this you?

Starting a practice hard.  You diligently worked to earn the prestigious title of Doctor of Chiropractic. However, as a new grad there is crushing student debt and even more risk to market, advertise and do outreach.  It all makes day to day battles feel heavy. The revolving door of new patients and offering online deals can be frustrating with many patients quitting care before realizing the full potential of your services.  Building a practice alone is never a good idea.  The better way to build a practice is to stay connected to like minded chiropractors, leaders and educators from whom you can gleam decades of experience, expert advice and access to resources that are already tried, tested and done for you.  ChiroMedia has got your back to help you build and thrive!

The GenX Doc...Is this you?  

Staying at the top of your game is hard too!  You are a seasoned chiropractor, but struggling to keep up with complex technology and research.  Gone are the days when patients were captivated by newsletters, whiteboards, and handouts. Today, attention spans are short, and smartphones reign supreme. As patients wait for their adjustments, they're glued to their screens, scrolling through social media or engrossed in games. Even if using TV screens with old DVDs or PowerPoint slides, they just aren't engaging and easily ignored.  Chiropractic won't feel enticing and interesting unless you elevate your message delivery systems to compete with modern day distractions.  At ChiroMedia, we understand the challenges you face. Our digital signage app seamlessly integrates into your practice, bringing it up to date and injecting new energy and patient engagement. Say goodbye to frustration, lack of acceptance and poor compliance from patients. Embrace the future of communicating chiropractic with ChiroMedia and let us help you rekindle your passion for practice.


Proven Outcomes


"Chiro Media has been a game changer in the area of 'patient education'.

We've received compliments from many patients on the quality and messages of the slides.

Most importantly, the life changing messages delivered via ChiroMedia are powerful, yet simple, and, in my opinion, easily builds patient confidence in our office.

Thank you ChiroMedia for your services!”

Dr. Tyler 


"ChiroMedia plays a huge part in my office by educating and inspiring patients with powerful quotes and research findings that simply communicate the principle and power of Chiropractic. 

The Presenter Mode allows me to deliver world-class presentations such as our New Patient Doctor's Report as well as having the ability to customize slides to include announcements pertaining to updates in your office.

I highly recommend getting ChiroMedia not only to help keep your patients inspired and connected to their "why" but for you and your team :)!”

Dr. Clarise 


"I love ChiroMedia. We've never had anything like it.

It's all internet based. It's simple. It's plug & play on an Amazon FireTV stick. We get it customized to our office. Our own clinic information is running up there.

The thing I love about it is the content is unbelievable. There's motion, the messages are powerful, and it really captivates the people that watch and when I walk past it, it's hard for me not to stare at it and I'm here all the time!

We absolutely love ChiroMedia and I highly recommend it. I know you'll love it too.”

Dr. Mark

Our Featured Content Channel Partners:

More coming soon...

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The mission of CNAC is to support chiropractors and advocate for neurologically focused, adjustment centered chiropractic care in Canada.

Our CNAC-TV Content Channel includes:

  • ​Subluxation based content, so you can be confident and stand firm on the uniqueness of the principles chiropractic stands for.
  • Inclusiveness in techniques & practice styles, so you can communicate and show content that is congruent with your practice style and skill set.
  • ​Be part of the Canadian tribe, be part of something bigger than yourself.  We support the direction of CNAC to keep chiropractic strong in Canada and beyond!
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As the premier professional organization representing Doctors of Chiropractic in the state of Washington, the WSCA has been promoting and improving the chiropractic profession since 1991.

Our Vision: People of all ages will enjoy the benefits of a robust and vigorous life that only a healthy spine and nervous system can afford. They will be aware that chiropractic is the path to that reality and will enthusiastically seek chiropractic care in their pursuit of maximum health and wellness.

  • We are excited about our Corporate Partnership with ChiroMedia to support WSCA Members and others in our profession.   Our media is for public chiropractic advocacy and patient education to strengthen trust and understanding about the benefits of chiropractic and natural approaches to health care.
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Spinal Hygiene Movement has a system that helps educate your patients on the powerful benefits of lifetime spinal care.  Don't wait any longer, find out more about how these all-new spinal hygiene products can build value for your care plan, as well as awareness of long-term spinal health!

Our SpinalHygieneTV Content Channels include:

  • Simple Way to Improve Patient Care in Your Office, and Create a New Stream of Income for Your Practice at the Same Time!
  • Learn to Educate Patients About the Importance of Lifetime Wellness by showing them the most effective and efficient home care exercises for their spine!
  • Help patients understanding the 3 Main Concepts of Spinal Hygiene so you can Explode Your Practice!
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Our vision is to be the largest mainstream media source for TV signage in chiropractic clinics around the world, including content from a variety of channel providers...like a NETFLIX for chiropractic offices!

We bridge the gap between CONTENT CREATORS and broadcasting to patients on TV screens.   Creative media without a reliable deployment strategy is wasted potential and opens up the possibilities of poor or unauthorized use. ChiroMedia is a subscription-based broadcasting app with branded Content Channels protecting your media against copyright infringements.  Plus you don't have the worries and headaches of providing tech support or setting up online payment systems.  It's done for you!

We are your concierge for broadcasting and monetizing your content. 

  • CHIROPRACTIC CONTENT CREATORS...you are already on the market and have content for sale or available for download.  We're looking to collaborate and integrate. 
  • FRANCHISE CLINIC OWNERS...you want consistent and congruent patient education and communication across all locations.  Easily update TV content from one online dashboard and it updates all your devices.  Fast and efficient content management!
  • STATE & PROVINCIAL ASSOCIATIONS or COACHING GROUPS...you advocate and help our profession grow as chiropractors and business owners.  We're here to help your members educate and inspire their patients with media that is congruent and aligned with your principles, philosophy, science, procedures and guidelines.  Your Content Channel on ChiroMedia keeps your message and branding consistent. 

Exclusive & Only Available on ChiroMedia...


Why Content Channels?

The answer is simple.

We are stronger together!

One of the greatest challenges for content creators and media producers is helping clients get their TECH SET UP and UPDATED REGULARLY... many offices are stuck in the 80's with outdated posters, and still playing old DVD's from the 90's.  

ChiroMedia solves the TECH and UPDATING challenges for docs and content creators. 

Our simple but powerful digital platform is easy to implement and manage, and we broadcast a variety of content from multiple providers who's content is vetted for the principled chiropractic lifestyle.

We play well with others.

We embrace the fact our content is not the "be-all and end-all" for everyone. 

Our's is a creative, inspiring and powerful space where chiropractic, natural health and inspiring messages live in COLLABORATION with each other all under ONE HOOD...kinda like a "Netflix" for chiro content.

We believe in COMMUNITY.
Not only do we provide awesome media, we provide a unique online community that is "off the grid" and not tainted by distracting ads or mainstream censorship commonly experienced on Facebook and Instagram. 

We'll even set you up with your own Community for your Channel subscribers so you can communicate and stay in touch with their needs.  

ChiroMedia is all about working TOGETHER for the advancement and awareness of chiropractic in the world.

You focus on making awesome content.  We'll do the rest! 
It's all waiting for you inside ChiroMedia Content Channels.  


Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work for me?

Whether you you're an Association, Group or Product Provider we help you support those you serve.  Help doctors educate their patients, boosting their influence, retention and sales, which helps "lift all boats".  You create, we broadcast.  Your channel set up is free and you manage the content through our ChiroMedia Content Provider portal.  We host, broadcast, support and monetize your content for you.  It's super easy! We'll even set you up with an online Community Space just for your channel subscribers!

 Is my content protected?

ABSOLUTELY!  That's part of the reason we created Content Channels.  These days it's so easy for people to download or copy content for unauthorized sharing or use from social platforms.  Subscribers only see low res thumbnails to preview but your content is only delivered through our app to paying subscribers.  Our niche in-office TV screens, to help docs create an enriched environment inside their practice that supports them with patient education, inspiration and elevating their perceived value. We got your back with Copyright and controlled sharing.  

 Can I add team members?

For sure!  We know it takes team work to create and manage a business.  You can add as many team members you want to your Content Provider account.  You probably won't need many, as updating and managing content on ChiroMedia is super easy!  But if you want your content creators, graphic designers or assitants to help you manage your Channel, add them to your team! 

 How do I get paid?

Subscription payments for your Channel(s) on ChiroMedia are made online through their User Dashboard.  We transfer subscription payments to you on a monthly basis and only keep a small hosting, broadcasting and administration fee.  You also earn Affiliate referral commissions for any new subscribers that sign up to ChiroMedia through your a unique referral link that we provide you.  

 How do I upload and update my Channel content?

Once we setup a Channel for you, it's really as simple as uploading your media files to a main content folder with drag-and-drop.  You can then organize them into Playlists for subscribers.  Any new content that you upload updates across the board to all subscribers!  

 Do you deal with support and refund requests?

It happens....and the answer is YES.  No technology is perfect and user error is common.  We have online, email and phone support options.  Our response is anywhere from a couple minutes to a few hours.  We also deal with any payment and subscription requests on your behalf.

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After 23 years of balancing family life, high-volume chiropractic practice and a mountain of hours in personal and professional coaching,  Dr. Greg hit a turning point. He'd endured and observed the struggles of new grads and seasoned pros alike to keep up with modern patient education methods and the ever-changing landscape of technology and marketing.

Driven by a deep passion for the profession, and a pinch of stubborn determination, Dr. Zoldy recognized the need for better media  , communications and collaboration and he innovated a solution.  By blending technology, creativity, and good old-fashioned chiropractic values, ChiroMedia became a game-changing platform for clear, consistent patient education using world-class but easy to use technology.  

ChiroMedia is more than just a digital app, it solves the much needed "missing link" that has been perpetuating for decades in chiropractic.  It bridges the gap between researchers, organizations, influencers, and agencies and the 1000's of practicing chiropractors trying to grow their business and lead their patients.  ChiroMedia offers an opportunity for our profession to come together from Above-Down-Inside-Out, to collaborate and communicate the value of chiropractic to patients with integrity and united effort.  We foster community, growth, success, excellence, generosity and joy within the chiropractic profession, but ultimately it's about ensuring more people worldwide experience the wonderful benefits of chiropractic.

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 Provide inspiration and education , not just boring facts and stats. 



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