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The first all-in-one digital signage app and community that boosts your confidence, builds relationships, improves your influence and expands your expertise for you!

ChiroMedia Pro

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ChiroMedia Pro Includes: 


  • ChiroMedia Pro Community Access
  • ChiroMedia Exchange - media sharing group
  • Virtual & Demand MasterClasses with Experts, Affiliates, Coaches, Educators & Influencers
  • Free Private Pro Members Playlists on ChiroMedia with Done-For-You Presentations & Dr. Reports
  • Curated Trainings, Online Courses & Interviews for personal and professional growth
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This is all you need to get started with ChiroMedia…

  • An HDTV (55-65” recommended)
  • Amazon FireTV Stick registered to your Amazon account 
  • Download of our ChiroMedia App from Amazon App Store

*A Wi-Fi internet and electrical connection are also required.

You manage and control the content remotely from anywhere!  Scheduling, uploading and customizing are all at your fingertips through any computer or mobile device connected to the internet.

What Chiropractors are saying...

“For 15 years we’ve been using all sorts of digital sources of patient education marketing in the office and just trying to reach it to our patients, so they get the big idea on what chiropractic is all about while they're in the office, waiting for their adjustment. I can tell you; I love ChiroMedia we've never had anything like it. It's all internet based. It's simple. We plug and play a little box. We get it customized to our office. Our own clinic information is running up there and the thing I love about it is the content is unbelievable.


There's motion, the messages are powerful, and it really captivates the people that watch and when I walk past it, it's hard for me not to stare at it and I'm here all the time! So, we absolutely love ChiroMedia and I highly recommend it. I know you'll love it too.”

- Dr. Mark Foullong

“ChiroMedia is a fantastic asset to my practice! Patients love it, the team loves it and it looks great in our waiting room!

I highly recommend!!”

Dr. Craig Cocek

Chiropractor - Brighton, ON

Click Here To Get Started For $147/month

"Chiro Media has been a game changer in the area of 'patient education'. We've received compliments from many patients on the quality and messages of the slides. Most importantly, the life changing messages delivered via Chiromedia are powerful, yet simple, and, in my opinion, easily builds patient confidence in our office. Thank you Chiromedia for your services!”

Dr. Tyler Kong

Chiropractor, Mississauga, ON

Click Here To Get Started For $147/month